Garbage at Santa Barbara Bowl in Santa Barbara, CA

When Shirley Manson walked out onto the stage she took control, arms up high and ready to belt out a set to identify her band GARBAGE. Red hair, wearing a bright silver sequin dress, with her Scottish heritage no holding her back. With a strong tight band they brought all they had to the stage.

Shirley Manson (lead vocals), "Duke" Erikson (bassist), Steve Marker (guitarist), and Butch Vig (drummer). Her fans quickly ran up to the rail to be with her musical ride for the night.
Garbage started with an apocalyptic song “No Horses.”

1. No Horses
2. Queer
3. #1 Crush
4. Empty
5. I Think I’m Paranoid
6. Blackout
7. Even Though Our Love is Doomed
8. The World Is Not Enough
9. Stupid Girl
10. Only Happy When It Rains
11. Push It
12. Vow

Text and photos by Thomas Long