GAMMA Releases the NARCISSUS Warm Delay Effects Pedal

The GAMMA Series NARCISSUS Warm Delay Guitar Effects Pedal from the Acoustic Control Corporation allows the player to generate a wide range of delay effects, from short slapback delay to longer trails of echoes and beyond. Cranking up the Echoes knob sends NARCISSUS into self-oscillation, generating a never-ending wash of sound for serious sonic intensity.

The controls on the NARCISSUS Warm Delay are simple, yet powerful, so players can start right out of the box—and then make parameter changes rapidly and effortlessly in mid performance at gigs. NARCISSUS’s trio of knobs cover the straightforward essentials of Level, Echoes and Time. Players can easily adjust the wet/dry blend, set the number of repeats and determine the timing of the echoes. Like all GAMMA pedals, the NARCISSUS Warm Delay is designed to endure the hardships of real-world use. Electrical footswitching protects against audible noise and other glitching that can sometimes occur when a mechanical switch begins to wear out. Buffered bypass ensures a strong and consistent signal is sent to the other pedals in your chain, so there shouldn’t be any volume dips or other anomalies when you swap or add effects on the fly. The heavy-duty metal chassis and knobs are rugged and durable enough to take on the road or handle any other abuses that can occur during live gigs, studio sessions and gear transport.

The GAMMA NARCISSUS Warm Delay Guitar Effects Pedal is currently available at a price point of $99.99 MAP.

For more information, visit www.AcousticControlCorp.com.