Fourth Annual Music Supervisors Awards


LOS ANGELES (February 13, 2014) – The Guild of Music Supervisors announced its fourth annual awards event taking place on Wednesday,  February 26, at Mack Sennett Studios in Hollywood. The awards will recognize outstanding Music Supervisors in 14 categories representing Motion Picture, Television, Games, Trailers and Advertising.

“We are honored to celebrate and recognize the work of these important music supervisors at our fourth annual awards event,” noted Guild of Music Supervisors President Maureen Crowe. “Music is an integral part to the success of motion pictures, television programs, films, advertising and games. It helps tell the stories and engages audiences. We look forward to our annual awards event, which places a spotlight on this important craft.”

As the film community celebrates the 100 anniversary of Charlie Chaplin arriving in Hollywood to work on Mack Sennett silent films, The Guild of Music Supervisors has selected Mack Sennett Studios to host their awards to call attention the role of Music Supervision and existing music has contributed to the history of motion picture.

As Irving Thalberg pointed out there has never been a silent movie industry, there’s always been music.  The first sound picture, The Jazz Singer, featured both original and existing music in the film. During Oscar week, we focus on the role of music supervision has continued to contribute in all media storytelling with the hope that the Motion Picture Academy recognize this contribution.

For a complete list of nominations, please visit www.guildofmusicsupervisors.com