Focusrite Introduces the Plug-In Collective Holiday Bundle

Focusrite hardware owners now have the opportunity to access not one, but four of our most popular plug-in offers for free, for a limited time only.

Whether you missed our previous offers or you're brand new to Plug-In Collective, this is your chance to expand your audio toolkit with great plug-ins from AAS, AudioThing, Positive Grid and D16.

Register your Focusrite hardware and download the plug-ins before the  Jan. 10 (4 p.m. UK time) to gain access.

If you have previously registered some Focusrite gear, then you will find the plug-ins and discount codes waiting for you within your account.

Remember to download before the offer ends.

Bundle offer:


Choose two titles from the AAS Sound Pack Series, which comprises 35 different titles by 15 different top sound designers and artists. The packs explore many genres and themes for an incredible amount of variety.

The sound packs were created with the Ultra Analog VA-2, String Studio VS-2, Chromaphone 2, and Strum GS-2 synths from the AAS Pro Series. They can be played with the included AAS Player plug-in.

As well as this we’re including an additional $50 discount (a total saving of $300) which can be used to save on the AAS Libraries Sound Pack Series Bundle.


Start your next track with some 80s analogue drum sounds and two vintage valve emulations – for free!

Valve Filter VF-1 offers a multimode resonant filter with vintage valve emulation. Use this plug-in to enhance anything from subtle warbles to full-track filtering effects.

Valve Exciter packs a harmonic enhancer, vintage valve emulation, tube-based drive and bias adjustments into a single charming plug-in tool.

SR-88 offers a sample-based plug-in emulation of the ‘Sound Master Memory Rhythm SR-88’, a lesser-known analogue drum machine from the 80s.

Positive Grid

Access Positive Grid’s Bias Amp 2 LE for free. This plug-in will give you a taste of the full-blown BIAS Amp 2 Elite Professional amp modeller – one of the most popular and amazing-sounding guitar amp plug-ins in the industry.

D16 Group

Add the Sigmund delay plug-in from D16 group to your collection.

“Sigmund is far from just another delay: it consists of four discrete delay units, each with its own, independent set of parameters offering an incredible degree of sound-shaping freedom” – D16 Group.

The Plug-in Collective is the community between you, Focusrite and software brands. Keeping up to date with the constant wave of releases is vital if you want to find great plug-ins – and Plug-in Collective will do it for you, enabling you to download free software and benefit from generous discounts.

All you have to do is register Focusrite gear, and one offer will be featured in your Focusrite account every couple of months.

For more, visit focusrite.com/plugin-collective.