"Flashjam" with a Single-Song Band

To "Flashjam" is to join one or more single-song bands with other "flashmates" and perform spontaneously.

Dubbed, "The World's Most Interactive Live Music Show," Flashjam is for singers and instrumentalists from novice to professional, who can participate in karaoke-style live-performance opportunities.

"Flashfans" are Flashjam patrons that follow, rate, and elevate their favorite Flashers and venues in the competition.

Flashers and venues move up in the competition through Flashfan votes.

Top Flashfan's earn cash and prizes for attendance and voting.

Flashjam winners chosen nightly receive cash and other prizes and advance in the competition.

Each season ends with a flashjam finale at the winning venue where flashers compete for the grand prize.

More info here: www.flashjam.com/about