FiXT Announces Los Angeles Office, Expands Label with New Divisions, FiXT Labs & FiXT Neon

Independent record label FiXT has announced the opening of a Los Angeles based office. Artist and label-owner Klayton (Celldweller, Scandroid, Circle of Dust) is moving the label's headquarters from Detroit, Michigan to Los Angeles, California while simultaneously announcing company expansion with 2 new sub-labels – FiXT Neon and FiXT Labs.

Just as the central FiXT label has redefined independent electronic-rock for more than a decade, with an artist roster including Celldweller, Blue Stahli, The Anix, and The Qemists, the goal of FiXT Neon and FiXT Labs is to provide a launching pad for talented up-and-coming artists. This is great news for music fans, who will be able to find even more exciting and ambitious artists of the new era under one roof.

When asked about the vision of expanding the label, Owner, President and Founder Klayton had this to say, "I’ve come across so many talented artists that are looking for the support a team, like FiXT, to help take their careers to another level. After the success I’ve had with my ‘80s-flavored project Scandroid and my IDM/ambient/experimental project FreqGen, it became clear that 2 different sub-labels could open doors to support the careers of more cutting edge and talented artists outside of the typical electronic-rock sound of FiXT.

Having these sub-labels has allowed us to sign artists I’ve admired like Comaduster, 3D Stas, and Fury Weekend, and is exciting to me on a personal level. I look forward to finding the next wave of artists to expand the label rosters and help us define the sound of the future."

FiXT Neon is dedicated to the synth-heavy sounds of synthwave, chillwave and indie-pop, while FiXT Labs is focused on electronic and experimental sub-genres, ranging from ambient, chill and downtempo, to breaks, drum & bass, glitch and IDM.

FiXT Neon enters the genre with a trailblazing attitude. With Scandroid, Sunset Neon, and Fury Weekend forming the debut lineup, the label has already made an impact on the genre, and its future-minded emphasis on synth music is set to expand the possibilities for innovative artists. FiXT Labs enters the scene with a debut lineup including Klayton's own project FreqGen, along with professional Canadian video game composer and sound designer Réal Cardinal's projects Comaduster and Underfelt, and the hard hitting Eastern European guitar-infused beats project 3D Stas, with more signing announcements coming soon.

As FiXT expands into new sub-labels, it is still equally focused on its legacy sound of hybrid electronic-rock with new signings coming soon as well. Discussing the journey of the label over its 12 year history, Vice President and Co-Founder James Rhodes had this to say, "We've had to adapt to the changing landscape of the industry multiple times in our short history, and learn to take our destiny into our own hands as much as possible, by embracing a DIY culture. We've typically gone just under the mainstream radar, building everything one brick at a time, so it is exciting to step back and see the significance of what we've built - amassing over a billion streams and fans in over 130 countries. We're looking forward to empowering not one, but 2 new rosters of artists to build sustainable careers with global fanbases as we enter the next phase of our journey."

FiXT is now accepting open music submissions from artists and producers interested in applying to work with FiXT, FiXT Neon & FiXT Labs. Submissions can be made now at