Live Review: Faulkner at The Peppermint Club in West Hollywood, CA

Material: Every song that Faulkner creates is a pawn on the chessboard of their lead singer and only songwriter Lucas Asher. He wears confidence just as well as he dons his signature red leather jacket. Asher is a seasoned musician groomed by legendary rock producer Bob Ezrin. He has also co-written music with RZA from the renowned hip-hop collective Wu-Tang Clan. Because of Asher’s experience, the scales for achieving success have been tipped heavily in Faulkner’s favor. At the end of every chessboard, however, lies an opponent. And in this case, the opponent is the general public, who will decide the fate of the band’s newly released album (Pariahs) and its hybrid of punk rock, alternative hip-hop and new wave.

Musicianship: This is a tight unit that handles the demands of its diverse sound with confidence. The most provocative aspect of this show was the contrasting essence of each of the four band members. Asher, Scullin, Farougias and Hogan differ from each other visually. And somehow this presentation works well with new songs whose influences seesaw from post-punk bands like The Killers to indie-electronic bands such as Foster The People.

Performance: The creative spontaneity of Asher made for a series of very colorful images on stage. He’s a terrific frontman. Even better was when he shared the lead vocalist duties with piano player Eric Scullin, conjuring picturesque images that began to animate right in front of their live audience. If Faulkner decides to utilize the dynamic interplay between Lucas Asher and Eric Scullin more often, it could prove to be the vocal nuance that sets this band apart from other up-and-coming alternative rock outfits.

Summary: Lucas Asher has the talent to materialize his boyhood dream of joining his mentors in the mainstream and on the Billboard charts. The long-term success of Faulkner, however, may depend on Asher’s willingness to share the creative process with his bandmates and allow their talents to match his artistry.

Venue: The Peppermint Club, West Hollywood, CA
Contact: [email protected]
Web: faulknermusic.com
The Players: Lucas Asher, vocals, guitar; Eric Scullin, vocals, piano, guitar; Dimitri Farougias, bass guitar; Christian Hogan, drums.

Photo By Miguel Costa