Eventbrite's EDM Study Identifies Hyper Social Sharing As Top Drivers of Industry Success

Eventbrite Electronic Dance Music Study Identifies Hyper Social Sharing & Live Experiences As Top Drivers of Industry Success

Eventbrite_EDM_Infographic_2014_Path to PurchaseOn March 12, Eventbrite, the online ticketing and registration platform popular for electronic dance music (EDM) events, released their new EDM Fan Social Media Listening study at SXSW 2014. Executed in partnership with social media insights firm, Mashwork, Eventbrite found that EDM fans are core drivers of the EDM movement. As the industry continues to debate what is fueling the growth of EDM — from the artist to the music to the lifestyle — Eventbrite’s new insights reveal the importance other live experience, and the highly social nature of the EDM fan.

Eventbrite’s study is a comprehensive exploration of all social media conversation about EDM in 2013, including analysis of more than 70 million posts. Key findings include:

EDM fans’ social sharing is fueling the movement. Part of the staggering growth can be attributed to frequent social sharing; EDM fans tweeted a staggering 11 times per day (roughly six times more than the average Twitter user, who tweets nearly two times per day). EDM fans talk 30 percent more about concerts compared to other music fans, indicating their desire to share about the live experience. In fact, 1 in 3 social media posts by EDM fans were about EDM events and topics, and nearly 10 million posts by fans in 2013 were about wanting to attend upcoming EDM events. The other part of the growth is rooted in positivity. The EDM fan appeared to not only share about their EDM experience, but to speak positively about it.

Forty percent of all EDM conversations on social media were focused on a love of EDM, propelling the discovery and sharing of the music and events in the space.

Beyond artist fandom: the EDM fan lives for the live event. EDM fans expressed less fandom around specific artists, with other music fans advocating for their favorite artists nearly two times more than EDM fans. While EDM fans still share and converse about artists, the fans are less artist-centric and more focused on the overall experience. With a staggering 1 in 4 posts about EDM occurring during a live event, EDM fans talk about events and concerts 30 percent more than other music fans do. This massive volume of conversation adds up to 42 billion potential impressions for EDM events in just one year.


In 2013, Eventbrite issued a Harris Interactive survey that found peer influence is a main factor in driving “Dance lovers are super fans. Compared to other music fans, EDM fans propel the success of EDM events based on their love of live experiences and their extreme social networking behavior,” said Martina Wang, head of music marketing at Eventbrite. “There is a huge opportunity for the industry to tap into this highly social, passionate group of people.”

people to EDM events their: more than three quarters (78 percent) of respondents reported that they were much more likely to go to an EDM event if friends were attending, vs. less than half (43 percent) of other music concert attendees.

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