Album Review: Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty

Warner Bros. Records

Warner Bros. Records, Producers- Various 5/10

 As a re-release of Derulo’s 2013 album, Tattoos—which was only released as a five song EP in the U.S.—Talk Dirty brings four new tracks to the table. Unfortunately, they don’t add much, if anything at all. “Wiggle” and “Bubblegum” may have appearances by Snoop Dogg and Tyga but they don’t have near the same star power as the title track nor the only track really worth note, “Trumpets,” which is one of the catchiest songs the 24-year-old singer has released. Derulo has said he wanted to show his personal growth with Talk Dirty, however, if personal growth is what listeners are looking for, “Vertigo” and “Marry Me” are the only tracks they’ll need. – Victoria Patneaude