EqualizeHer LIVE with Aimee Mann, Tinashe, Paris Jackson Supporting Gender Equity in Music

EqualizeHer is a Collaboration Between Producer/Songwriter Linda Perry and Music-Loving Philanthropist Alisha Ballard Who Are Committed to Making Change by Creating Balance and Opportunities for Women
EqualizeHer LIVE to Give Young Aspiring Females the Opportunity to Perform at this Iconic Venue Before an Audience of Cross-Sector Industry Leaders

For too long, women have been under-represented across all sectors of the music industry. Consider the following:

  • As of March 2021, women represent only 21% of artists, 12.6% of songwriters, and 2.6% of producers
  • Fewer than 1% of popular songs are written only by women, while fewer than .3% of songs have a single woman writer
  • Only 13.4% of GRAMMY nominees from 2013 to 2021 have been womenEqualizeHer is focused on four actionable goals–release and distribute music produced, written, and performed by women; host live music events produced entirely by women; provide opportunities for young female artists to perform in front of live audiences to gain experience and be heard; and work with existing organizations to fill the gaps and join forces

For more information, visit equalizer.org.