Enter the “Breathless Ballad Challenge” Song Lyric Contest

Former New York Yankees center fielder and Latin Grammy nominee Bernie Williams is helping to raise awareness of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), the disease that took his father’s life, as part of Boehringer Ingelheim’s national “Breathless Ballad Challenge.” The campaign aims to educate and empower people who have, or suspect they may have, IPF.

Williams wrote an instrumental piece “Para Don Berna” to honor Bernabé Williams’ memory, and others with IPF. In the challenge, he is asking people to submit lyrics for his piece.

The lyrics must be inspired by a hero in your life or someone for whom you are grateful. Following your written lyric submission, you will receive an email confirmation outlining the opportunity to submit a video of you or someone you choose singing your lyrics with Bernie's track. All submissions will be judged based on the lyrics, not the video performance.

Go to BreathlessBallad.com to submit original lyrics to accompany Bernie Williams' instrumental song, "Para Don Berna." The deadline for submissions is Sept. 1, and lyrics must be sent using the form provided on the website.