Elijah Woods

Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine - "School Night" at Bardot Club in Hollywood

I have to admit, this article is a little more special than the last few that I have had the honor to write for Music Connection. Given that I was invited to this show to photograph and cover an unknown artist, I was excited to dive into the world of Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine. After confirming my approval to cover the show, naturally, I pulled out my phone and went to YouTube to get acquainted with my subjects of the night. My initial reaction was WHOA! I was absolutely blown away! How is it that this duo was not on the radio? Why is this the first time I am hearing their music? As I began digging deeper, I found that this relatively unknown duo in the American market was taking Canada by storm winning Juno awards and Music Show Competitions like it was an easy feat!

Before the Canadian Music Competition, The Launch approached Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine. They had big plans to break out of the Canadian market but were relatively unknown artists. The duo met in college in Ottawa, Ontario, Elijah was in the music program and Jamie was working at the school in the culinary program. After Elijah got wind of Jamie’s voice through a recording on a friend’s phone, he was determined that they create music together. The two went on to put out a couple of self-written and produced singles that snagged the attention of people at The Launch. After performing and winning their episode and signing with Big Machine Records in 2018, their biggest hit to date, “Ain’t Easy,” was released on all digital formats and is Certified Platinum in Canada. A little over a year after the show, the duo released their EP 8:47 that included their popular track “Ain’t Easy” and another powerful hit (my favorite) “Better Off”. Their gut-wrenching yet relatable lyrics, pop synth-heavy base sound and raw vocals off their 2019 EP has taken the duo to new heights in music, reaching markets far beyond their Canadian roots. Recently, the duo released a couple of new singles “White Rice” and “Taste.” Their authentic sound resonates throughout their catalog but with each new release, they seem to open up their wheelhouse with fresh beats and more of those relatable lyrics that have their fans hooked from the start.

Before the night of the show, I had never heard of the venue “School Night” hosted by Bardot Nightclub in Hollywood. It is a weekly performance-based live show. In doing more research, I was pleased to find the number of hit artists have performed there; relatively unknown at the time. For example, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, and Miguel all had a performance at this intimate venue, packed away right next to the famous music hall, The Avalon. That night before their show, I had the opportunity to chat with them and take some portraits for this article. Yet again, I was absolutely blown away. But this time, it was their wonderful personalities that won me over. I could easily see why people loved their music and their infectious personalities. They truly have a natural gift and yet, are the most down to earth humans I have met in a very long time.

As their LA debut show began, I was excited to witness a live and up-close version of the songs I had heard on YouTube and Apple Music just hours prior. They played a five-song set that began with a cover of “Gold Digger” by Kanye West that really had the crowd moving and grooving. It was a fantastic addition and blended well with the rest of their set. Next, they dove into their emotional and sexy tracks “White Rice” and “Taste.” It was a treat to hear these newer tracks live and the crowd was relatively silent, soaking in Jamie’s raw vocal performance balanced with Elijah behind his keyboard and their band members. Right after, they jumped into a song that I still cannot find a recorded version of. It was one of my favorite songs of the night and the crowd seemed to feel the same. Jamie was belting the words “This is it, this is it” in the chorus, at the end of the song and she received handshakes from the crowd. That track was well received and it’s obvious it will be a huge hit! I will have to keep on the lookout for this new song to be released because as of now, I cannot find it anywhere in their catalog. The last song of their performance was my absolute favorite, “Better Off.” The production and groovy feel of this track had the whole crowd moving and singing at the top of their lungs. As they finished their set, I had the overwhelming feeling like I had witnessed something so incredibly monumental and the beginning of a wholly unique take on music that hasn’t been done before.

In closing, I highly recommend you go ahead and jump on Google or YouTube if you haven’t already and check out Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine. Follow them on their socials and grab a show here in the near future! These two talented human beings have a bright future in front of them and I highly recommend getting on board! It’s going to be a good ride and I don’t see their train stopping anytime soon!

Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine - Set List

  1. Gold Digger cover (Kanye West)
  2. White Rice
  3. Taste
  4. This is it?
  5. Better Off

Photography by Brittany Berggren brittanyberggren.com