Dominican Rapper El Alfa Signs with Sound Royalties

El Alfa announces his signing of a multi-million-dollar, eight figure deal with Sound Royalties, a subsidiary of GoDigital Media Group and the music industry’s leading finance firm for nearly a decade. After evaluating several offers from major industry players, Alfa turned to Sound Royalties because of his close relationship to their team and the company’s long track record of providing well-structured and priced funding to music creatives.

El Alfa is a Dominican rapper also known as “The King of Dembow,” a musical genre that draws upon the roots of Jamaican dancehall riddims. With eight albums under his belt and over 22 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, El Alfa has his sights set on his continued growth trajectory. On Oct. 19, 2023, Alfa is scheduled to release his latest project, El Rey Del Dembow, which he credits as his “most important album to date.” The music will incorporate different melodies alongside African and Conga rhythms, infusing other cultures into the Dembow genre he popularized and brought to mainstream radio.

“I’ve been speaking with Sound Royalties for years, and the time finally made sense for us to work together. The best advice I ever received was from Alex Heiche and his team, telling me to register and organize my royalty streams and that whatever I do – don’t sell,” El Alfa recalls. “It was because I didn’t sell that I am now able to leverage my back catalog to invest in my future. This multi-million-dollar funding  will be instrumental in continuing to build my legacy and cement my influence in the Latin music space. Beyond that, it is foundational for promoting and marketing my music, launching new career opportunities, and releasing more work through my own music label, El Jefe Records.”

Learn more at soundroyalties.com