DIY Spotlight: Move Like Creatures

SoCal four-piece Move Like Creatures formed thanks to a Craigslist ad placed right at the start of the pandemic.

“I was already struggling with depression pre-pandemic and I knew I needed to get a new project together and find people to create with to combat that,” says frontwoman Nancy Bombard. “Like most artists I’ve always had the dream to pursue music full time and to be on tour again. We all had been in previous bands and were looking for something new. Ryan [Reynolds, guitar] thought initially it was going to be a cover band situation until he realized how serious I was. I had a mission in my head to find good people who I could build something with. Everything really came together quickly, almost like magic.”
The singer says that the band’s sound molded itself organically.

“We are an eclectic group of musicians with backgrounds in reggae, rock, metal, pop and punk,” she says. “I’d describe it as combination of all of those backgrounds but close to indie/pop/electronic. I always say that it is happy/sad music, where the instrumentals and melody seem happy but when you dive into it lyrically its actually a bit sad. Being sad while making other people feel good and like they are not alone  is part of my writing process so melodically that comes out.”

Bombard says that she felt driven to form a band when she started to realize how long she’d be away from her family for.

“We realized we were not going to be able to see our families for a while during the lockdown and we were only able to send song ideas through text or email,” she says. “Once lockdown ended we kept our circle close and focused on writing. I was thankful we had each other through those times and that we were able to create. I think for many people there was A LOT of time to sit and think, which could be a bad thing if you don’t have an outlet.”

The band’s latest single is “Mind Reader,” “based off of personal experience dealing with mental health struggles and receiving advice from all directions, even when it is not always asked for,” Bombard says.

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