DIY Spotlight: Leah Kate

Pop-rock star in-the-making Leah Kate is practically blowing up the internet. Over 300 million global streams, over 200 million TikTok views, and millions of followers across social media— this is an artist who knows how to play the online game. She was born to do this, and she knows how to find her audience.

“I have always loved performing, singing and dancing,” Kate says. “I actually started singing before I could talk! When I expressed an interest in creating music, my dad built my brother and I a studio for him to produce and me to sing. It was always a passion of mine to perform, whether that be in front of family, friends or an audience.”

    The glory of the internet for the modern musician is that they can literally do everything themselves. Create the music, mix and master the music, put it out there for an audience to discover, market and promote it—the online world is their oyster and it’s truly DIY.

“I am involved in every step of the music-making process, from the actual music to the business of it,” Kate says. “My music means everything to me, so I like to guide it every step of the way.”

Kate’s debut album, Super Over was released on September 15 and she’s heading out on tour to promote it in the States over the fall. It’s a wonderful piece of work and her success is well deserved. Still, it’s a huge challenge to stand out in the online space when so many other people are trying to do the same thing. For Kate, the secret is authenticity.

“I stay authentic to myself and what the songs are about. I think it’s important to do the same thing until that said thing clicks, and people start to understand why I do things the way I do.”

With the album ready to go, the remainder of 2023 will be a busy time for Leah Kate.“So many exciting things: a headlining tour this September, new album, exciting performances and an unannounced tour,” she reveals.

Go get ‘em.

For more information, visit leahkatemusic.com.