DIY Spotlight: JT Spangler

DIY-JT SPANGLERJT Spangler is incredibly driven. In fact, he rarely rests—unless it’s in a tree house.

Spangler developed his act in Los Angeles, playing hotspots like Hotel Café, Room 5 Lounge and Genghis Cohen. Not content with simply playing local venues, he toured the country and eventually settled in Nashville, TN.

There, miles from civilization, he chills in a tree house. Not a metaphorical tree house, by the way—it’s the real deal: a 150 square-foot unit with a bed and sink, suspended 12 feet up an elm tree. “People think I’m joking when I mention it, but I’m serious,” Spangler insists. “The best part of being there with no power, water, Internet, or TV is getting in touch with my hindbrain—the part that’s totally neglected in a city.”

Inspired, he recorded What’s a Little Heartbreak with some of Nashville’s top session cats, including guitarist Gary Burnette (Etta James, Taylor Swift, Chris Tomlin) and keyboardist Tim Lauer (Brad Paisley, the Band Perry, Brooks & Dunn).

Spangler also began delving into his R&B side. As a result, his new record has layered vocals that allow him to sing in a way he could never do before. “Doing vocal embellishments really let the Donny Hathaway [in me] breathe,” he says.

“Though one of my goals in 2013 is not to set any goals,”’ Spangler laughs, “I’m excited about the new record and look forward to trying out more R&B material.”

JT Spangler epitomizes what it takes to be a DIY artist. He prefers an unusual lifestyle, never stops working and continues to grow musically.

See http://jtspangler.com