DIY Spotlight: Jayne Ava


Touring is no easy feat for any artist, even if they’ve been performing from a very young age. So when Canadian electro-pop artist Jayne Ava wanted to take her touring to the next level, she thought of out-of-the-box (DIY) ways to achieve her goals.

She didn’t want to send out another CD and promo package to venues and bookers only to get what she always got––another gig. Instead, she had an idea for a very special kind of show.

Ava sought to sell the experience of a fully produced show to venues and talent buyers. Her first step was to set up cross promotions with up-and-coming boy band Finale. That would ensure that, together, they could sell a full night to talent buyers who wanted to attract the acts’ target demographics.

Using crowdfunding and multi-tiered marketing techniques as a means of both raising awareness and capital, Ava managed to arrange for an entire production team to shoot and edit a professional performance. That performance video brought the show to life so talent buyers could see exactly what they would be getting, including lighting, sound and dancers.

With the ability to sell a full package and a professional performance to back it up, Jayne Ava has already garnered attention from talent buyers both in North America and overseas, including Japan and Dubai.

To learn more, go to http://JayneAva.com

By Bernard Baur