DIY Spotlight: Criminal Hygiene

CRIMINAL HYGIENEFEATHalf-naked girls in dinosaur costumes, drag queens, skateboarders, bathtub murder scenes, and classic Skinemax footage collide to create Criminal Hygiene’s latest video project, CRMNL HYGNE: A Musical Portrait.

The Los Angeles trio challenged their artist and videographer friends (more affectionately referred to as their “badass list of contacts”) to pick a track off of their debut LP, CRMNL HYGNE and produce a music video within one week. A video for each song was eventually made by 17 different artists, friends and fellow musicians. The band then edited the footage into a 40-minute film displaying the madcap people, places, and things that inspire them.

It was this crazy idea and DIY approach that caused Consequence of Sound, MTV Hive, LA Weekly, Filter and Impose to embrace the band for their “casual subversion” that both encapsulates their punk vibe and adds even more energy to their high-wired songs.Criminal Hygiene also scored a month long residency at The Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles, where they shared the bill with Zig Zags, Bad Antics, Colleen Green and more.

The CRMNL HYGNE LP is available digitally via Small Smile Records (a collective of music and art kids) and on cassette via Under the Gun Records. To catch the video, go to http://vimeo.com/64934464. To learn more about this innovative act, visit http://criminalhygiene.com.