Dessa Can't Do Without Her Pilot Razor Point

All-around creative polymath and Doomtree MC Dessa told us about her beloved pen.

Dessa: Pen snobs suck: the loud talking about fine lines and ink flow, the zipper cases, the theater-kid pledges of absolute devotion to a singular make and model. And yet here we are. For me, it’s Pilot Razor Point, write or die. 

My dad (an actual pilot) kept em around when I was a little kid, so I started using early. If you’ve never kicked the tires on a Razor Point, think of a chisel-tip Sharpie—the satisfying attenuating swoop, the no-bullshit matte black. Now render it slim in hand, with a plain utilitarian barrel, and a $1.61 price tag at Art Materials. To write lyrics with anything else feels…a little icky. Like eating takeout with a hotel key card on tour—I’ve done it, it works, but it’s sort of embarrassing to engage in or behold. Pilot, if you’re listening, I am quite possible your Number One Fan. 

Dessa performs at the Lodge Room on January 18.