Deafheaven at the Independent in San Francisco, CA

San Francisco’s progressive death metal outfit Deafheaven performed back to back sold out shows at the Independent for the hometown crowd. While frontman George Clarke provided the screams and stage antics throughout the set, it was the axemen Kerry McCoy and Shiv Mehra who controlled the vibe of the show.

Deafheaven at the Independent

From distorted chugs to ambient chord strums, the crowd both moshed and swayed to the rhythm of the music. Mad props to drummer Daniel Tracy, who proved once again that black metal blast beats can be performed for over an hour.

Deafheaven at the Independent

This tour’s supporting cast included Texas’  instrumental outfit This Will Destroy You and L.A.’s goth singer-songwriter Emma Ruth Rundle, who both earned the crowd’s respect.

Text and GIFs by Andy Mesecher

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