D'Addario's Playback Program Recycles 2 Million Strings

Playback, D’Addario’s industry-wide string recycling program, has announced their latest milestone of 2 million strings recycled.

D’Addario uses 100% eco-friendly packaging and plants trees in family-owned forests. In 2016, they took this commitment to the next level with Playback, an industry-wide string-recycling program—powered by TerraCycle—that rewards players for recycling any brand of strings.

This milestone comes just seven months after reaching their goal of 1 million strings recycled in 2017 when the Playback program doubled in size.

Playback is also part of D’Addario’s Players Circle loyalty program - once registered, members who recycle strings are rewarded with points which can be redeemed for new sets of strings, picks, gear and other accessories. The points can also be used to Play It Forward – members can donate their points to D’Addario’s non-profit organization, the D’Addario Foundation, to help fund music programs in underserved communities.

Find out where you can recycle and restring at ddar.io/playback