Olle Cornéer

Dada Life Member Olle Cornéer To Stop Touring to Focus on Health

Dada Life, the Swedish headlining DJ duo of Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom, announced on Sept. 6, via a statement to fans posted on their online platforms, that Olle Cornéer will no longer tour. The duo--known for their extravagant live experiences, music in the dance community and production plug-ins used by their peers in the EDM landscape--jointly made the decision as a preemptive measure to uphold Cornéer's heath and wellbeing. See official statement below.

Statement from Olle Corneer to fans:
"I love being on stage and meeting so many of you all over the world. But thousands of flights, and thousands of miles on the road is hard on the body and mind and lately I haven't felt really well. I haven't crashed yet, but my body is telling me that it will definitely happen if I keep on like this. To be clear: this has nothing to do with my cancer (I'm still healthy and 100% free from it).

That's why together Stefan and I have decided that I'm going to stop touring from now on. Dada Life is still both of us. I'll stay in the studio (with Stefan) while Stefan keeps spreading the Rules of Dada all over the world. I will miss you all. But health first."

Expanding on today's announcement and what the future for DADA LIFE will look like, Engblom adds:  "The main positive is to allow Olle to stay healthy. That's the most important thing. It will also mean that he'll have more time in the studio, and we can keep working on ideas when I'm not touring. I'll continue spreading the 'Rules of Dada' all over the world while we finish up our next album!"

For more information on DADA LIFE, visit dadalife.com