Cypress Hill, Onyx and Trash Talk at the Novo, Los Angeles

West coast hip hop legends Cypress Hill continued the Haunted Hill Halloween tour at the Novo in Los Angeles with New York hip hop duo Onyx and Punk band Trash Talk. Talk about hardcore hip-hop, platinum group Onyx consisting of duo Fredo Star and Sticky Fingaz generated the raw New York style flavor everyone expected. Hits like "Shut ‘Em Down" sparked a mosh pit amongst the young crowd. Followed by the smash hit "Slam’" Gen X fans remembering a time when hip-hop was pure and uncut. Their energy level was unstoppable, Fredo and Fingaz made sure their fans were awake and not miss one beat. Now in their early 50’s, Starr and Sticky are not slowing down one bit. They recently released their newest album titled ‘Blood on da X’ which was a smash hit. 

Hardcore punk band hailing from Sacramento, CA lit up the night with songs such as "The great escape" which is a cautionary tale of the side effects of excellent hardcore music. One of the crowd favorites, hyper young goers started another mosh pit which pushed people against the barricades. Singer Lee Spielman jumped over the barricades and instructed everyone to settle down. He waited about two minutes before playing "Worthless Nights," the whole crowd was in a roar, with their tongues out and waving their rock hand symbol. Trash talk is most certainly a punk rock band to look out for. Singer Lee Spielman, Spencer Pollard (bass guitar) and Garret Stevenson (guitar) are guys in the mission who has been taking over the hard rock punk scene for years. 

Last but not least the undeniable legendary hip-hop group Cypress Hill graced the stage smoking blunts. Rapper B-real wearing a giant afro and rapper Sen dog sporting a bucket hat. Loyal fans of Cypress Hill wore merch with a marijuana leaf and a skull on it. "Hits from the Bong" started to play as the bass started the boom, you can feel the rumble through out the venue. Since it was Halloween weekend, the B-Real invited a few folks from the crowd on stage for a quick costume contest. Finishing off with the widely known hit "Insane in the Brain" produced by fellow member DJ Muggs is one of the songs that put Cypress Hill on the map. Overall it was a great night, everyone who attended Haunted Hill definitely got their moneys worth. Looking forward to seeing who Cypress Hill will bring to the stage next year.