Close Up With DR Strings


A Multi-Generation Legacy: New Jersey-based manufacturer DR Strings began with a revolutionary idea that Guild Guitars founder Al Dronge discussed with his son Mark—reintroducing round core strings to the market. Years later, in 1989, Mark would start DR strings to bring this idea to life with a focus on using the highest quality components and handmade winding techniques.

Convinced they could hear and feel a difference, DR has championed round core strings for the last 35 years. Sadly, Mark passed away in 2022 and his daughter Annika, formerly Vice President, was appointed CEO. Annika had learned from her father that quality always sells and continues his tradition of making everything in the U.S. from U.S.-based materials. With the new leadership at DR Strings, including Vice President Dave Avenius (former CEO of Aguilar Amplification), and the current product launch of Dragon Skin+, the company is calling this phase DR 2.0.

Core Philosophies and Flagship Products: Founder Mark Dronge believed that the work of DR Strings is both an art form and a science. The company represents a return to old fashioned, American-made classic handcraftsmanship, combined with the finest high-quality metals.

Their core products include Pure Blues electric strings, with round cores and Pure Nickel wrap wire; Black Beauty and NEON electric, acoustic and bass strings which are color coated and provide both extra-long life and rock and roll aesthetics, and Hi Beam bass—a standard among bass players for decades. Annika says, “We are always thinking about the next great product, and how we can make guitar playing more satisfying and enjoyable.” 

Dragon Skin+: The core wire is the foundation of the DR Strings sound and experience, and their brand-new Dragon Skin+ takes this to the next level. Their first Dragon Skin product used their K3 technology, a patented process of coating the outer wrap wire before winding it around the string. Dragon Skin+ combines DR’s two patented technologies (including Accurate Core Technology™), by which they upgrade the wrap and core wires separately before winding the string—which allows them to feel and sound better than an uncoated string.

The Accurate Core Technology™ primes the core wire to be pristine and creates locking grooves on the core to cradle the first wrap wire in place. This unique construction allows the string to vibrate to its full potential with better projection, improved tuning stability and reduced string breakage. DR coats all six strings, including the plains, resulting in superior sound, fine-tuned tension for optimal comfort and playability and longer life. As DR’s marketing says, “Dragon Skin+ is unlike anything out there. The difference is real.” 

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