sound royalties

Close Up: Sound Royalties

Dynamic Approach To Financial Assistance: Sound Royalties is dedicated to creating financial products to help sustain the music community. The company allows musicians, artists, performers, songwriters and producers to get up front cash while retaining rights to their music and their royalty streams. Founder and CEO Alex Heiche brings to this venture over a decade of experience in providing cash and finance raising strategies to large annuity recipients, pro athletes, songwriters and artists. “Music is my first love,” he says, “just not my first language.” Their mission statement says: “We understand what it’s like to worry about how you’re going to pay for your next record, tour or if the next royalty check is going to be enough to cover the bills that keep piling up. We’re here to help you get cash so you can continue to create.”

An Alternative to Traditional Bank Loans: Heiche says, “When the average songwriter seeks an advance or loan, they face traditional banks that require excellent credit, no tax liens, and where getting 
an advance requires 100% recoupment. We look at them differently because we do not lend money to earn interest and fees. We buy the rights to a small portion of the artists’ future royalty payments for a fixed period of time and pay them a lump sum purchase price. We have the ability to customize a transaction to fit the artist’s financial needs and their unique royalty stream.” He and his team believe that artists should not have to give up 100% of their rights or income.

Their program was developed for those who earn at least $5,000 in annual royalties. They let artists keep the rights to their music and some royalties if needed, and make it easier to use their future royalty earnings to access needed cash today.

How Sound Royalties Helps: The company helps with debt consolidation/elimination, home purchasing assistance and financing, major purchase financing, funding tours, recordings, promotions, etc., cash flow stabilization and financing vs. cash purchases. They are 100% discreet, provide payment in days, not credit based and are always available to address individual customer concerns.

For more information, visit soundroyalties.com.