Up Close: Pearlman Microphones

TM-1_scott_and_janisFrom Mic Modifications to Full-Fledged Business: Dave Pearlman brought a diverse history in the music industry to his launch of Pearlman Microphones in 2005. After years as a touring pedal steel guitarist with everyone from Dan Fogelberg and Phil Everly to Pat Boone and Bobby Womack, he opened the independent recording facility Rotund Rascal Studio in North Hollywood in 1979. His successful 26-year run included being one of the engineers on a Grammy-winning project by the Zydeco band Beausoleil. To save money on outside techs, he began in 2003 to do modifications on classic mics like the U47, 67 and AKG C12. Creating what was originally a powerful client magnet, Pearlman filled a niche creating “super high quality mics at a super low price.”

Tube Microphones Made in the Classic Style: Pearlman’s ever-expanding line of custom built products began with the TM-1, a high quality mic made for professional studio use but priced for the home recordist. Based on the U47, it’s built around a tube that doesn’t require the same power supply; each unit is hand-wired, point to point, and voltage tuned for maximum performance. His least expensive mic is the TM2, a smaller version of the TM-1 built around a military spec 6AK 5 (EF95) and uses the same basic point to point circuit. Other classically styled mics are the “CHURCH” microphone, a faithful remake of the Stanley Church MGM microphone from the 1950s; and the TM-250, a limited edition, custom order recreation of the famous Telefunken 250 with a C12 type capsule made by Tim Campbell in Denmark. Pearlman’s most recent creation is the TM-47, a cardioid mic based on the venerable U47 and built in a body reminiscent of the classic look of the ‘50s and ‘60s.

Stellar, Built-To-Order Customer Service: While Pearlman’s company continues its rapid growth, its uniqueness as a boutique business ensures that nearly every mic is custom built to order and he is dedicated to highly personalized service and a quick turnaround time. Each mic is hand- wired and hand-tested and recorded before it is shipped.