CD Baby to Provide Marketing Tools from Show.co

CD Baby to Provide Free Major-Label Marketing Tools to its Artists

CD Baby, the indie music distribution and royalty administration service, will integrate the music marketing services of its latest acquisition, Show.co, into its artist dashboard. This will give CD Baby’s community of musicians and labels access to an array of promotional tools that can boost their popularity on streaming services and engage larger social media followings.

“Show.co has become a key marketing tool for major label artists, so we know CD Baby artists are going to be excited about free access to this service." says Kevin Breuner, VP of Marketing at CD Baby. “It’s designed to let artists and labels leverage just one piece of content on Show.co to drive specific actions from fans.”

For each CD Baby artist, Show.co can launch numerous campaigns intended to drive audience growth and list building, promote new music and videos, and more. These calls-to-action can include subscribing to a YouTube channel, engaging in a contest, or following on Twitter or Spotify. Artists also have the opportunity to trade music singles for a fan’s email address. Once the fan submits their email address, their city and country are also automatically collected, providing information for marketing efforts such as tour promotion.

“Show.co provides an amazing direct-connect for our artists and their fans,” says Breuner. “Indie musicians can not only build their email lists, but also track what platforms their fans are using to consume their music, thus guiding the artist on what music streaming and video services to focus on.”

Since the acquisition by CD Baby, 650,000 artists will be able use Show.co’s service to share content and collect important data. For artists and labels who do not use CD Baby, Show.co’s marketing services cost up to $119 per month. But for all CD Baby users, the marketing tool will be free in the coming months.

“More than 6,000 labels and artists have already used Show.co’s services, so we know it works,” says Breuner. “We are really proud to offer this to our artists as a part of their already comprehensive toolbox.”

For more information, visit cdbaby.com.