Calling All Crows Kicks Off Sexual Assault AwaRENESS Month With Training & Events

 April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and non-profilt Calling All Crows is pleased to offer a fresh round of resources and industry trainings to combat sexual assault in live music spaces. 

In a recent study, Calling All Crows’ reported out the 686 respondents who had attended a festival within the past five years, over a thousand incidents of harassment or assault, including groping, rape, and transphobic/homophobic violence. By far the most widely-cited issue for female artists in a 2021 survey was facing sexual harassment or objectification, with two-thirds of respondents citing it. 

Calling All Crows has developed a series of resources and training models that are easy to implement and combating the issue of sexual assault head on. They have trained 3,000+ people across 85+ artists, festivals, and venues reaching 500,000+ fans at shows and festivals across the US and UK.

Calling All Crows Director Maggie Arthur says "A common misconception about sexual harassment is that it's a private issue between two people when in reality, this behavior can have impacts on everyone in the live music eco-system from fans to bar staff to sound engineers, tour managers to the artists on stage and everyone around them. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month so we want to highlight the resources and trainings we offer to end harassment in live music. Whether you are an artist trying to make your tour bus safer with a training for your crew, a venue owner who wants staff at all levels to be able to identify sexual assault and harassment, or a music fan who wants to learn how you can support your friends who've been harassed, Calling All Crows has resources available that can make the live space safer for everyone."

Kim Warnick, Founder of the #HereForTheMusic program adds, “We crafted our trainings to educate everyone who enters venues, stadiums, festivals, tour buses etc. We aim to provide people the resources they need to not only make better decisions for their own behavior, but also become better allies for everyone around them. It takes a collective effort to change the culture of live music and that is how we hope to stamp out the problem of sexual harassment and make live music spaces a safer and more welcoming place for everyone.”

More About Calling All Crows… 

Calling All Crows (CAC) mobilizes music fans to fuel feminist movements. We channel the power of music into sustained, community-driven action by building an on-ramp to activism. Music fans learn about pressing social issues, give time and money to grassroots organizations, advocate for structural change, and build the skills and community to continue this work throughout their lives. With more than 15 years of education, service, advocacy, and fundraising, CAC has become a recognized partner and pipeline for social movement building.

Our organizational leadership and grassroots movement-building work is guided by an intersectional feminist worldview that lifts the issues and voices of those who deserve a seat at the table. We need action on an unprecedented scale to dismantle oppression in all its forms, safeguard inclusion, and ensure that movements are successful by including leadership, input, and accountability from those who are closest to the issues. 

CAC works toward a future where all people’s full humanity is realized, and local and global communities are equitable, just, and thriving.  Since its inception, CAC has mobilized music fans to volunteer 35,000+ hours, donate nearly $1M, and take 50,000+ actions in support of feminist community partners. Calling All Crows is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.