Brazilian Guitarist Lari Basilio Tracks at United Recording

Brazilian guitar virtuoso and Ibanez signature designer Lari Basilio has tracked her new album at United Recording in Hollywood. Engineer Don Murray recorded the sessions, with guest artists including Leland Sklar on bass and Vinnie Colaiuta on drums.


The talented young Basilio won the instrumental competition of the Samsung E-Festival in 2014 and performed for a crowd of 15,000 alongside Keb’ Mo’ and Quinn Sullivan at the Samsung Best of Blues Festival in Brazil. She also performed at the Malibu Guitar Festival in 2017, alongside Steve Vai and was invited by Joe Satriani to be part of the G4 Experience 2019, being the first female guitar player to join the event.


Basilio has worked at many top recording studios around the world, but why did she choose United Recording for her new album? “United is definitely a unique and special studio,” she replies, “not only for all the history that it carries, but also for the quality of the rooms and gear. After I had the opportunity to visit Studio B, I knew it would be a perfect fit for my new album and the sound concept I was looking for.”


When quizzed about any surprises when she started playing her new material with bassist Leland Sklar and drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, she answered, “Only good surprises! Vinnie never ceases to amaze me with his musicianship, ideas, and beautiful playing. It’s always an honor to play with him and I’m so glad to have him again for another album. It was my first time working with Leland Sklar and I couldn’t be more excited to have him on my new album. I’m blown away by his beautiful touch and playing. Two musical geniuses and it’s so beautiful to watch them doing their thing and bringing my music to life.”

Basilio’s signature Ibanez LB1 guitar features a roasted maple neck, compound-radius fingerboard, and unique S-S-H pickups developed by her in partnership with Les Paul protégé Seymour Duncan. “I had the absolute pleasure of working closely with Mr. Duncan, developing and voicing them especially for this guitar,” she explained. After working out songs with her Ibanez in the big rooms at United, she commented. “Simply incredible! This is my dream guitar and these rooms are dreamy, too. So it was a perfect combo.”


Fellow Brazilian and renowned engineer/producer Moogie Canazio commented, "Lari is an amazing guitarist and recording artist, with all the chops and very soulful. I'm glad to hear that she is working at one of my favorite studios with a great engineer and some of the coolest LA cats in her rhythm section."


For more info on Lari Basilio and her Ibanez guitar: laribasilio.com/gear

Pictured in United Studio B are drummer Vinnie Colaiuta with (L-R rear) recording engineer Don Murray, keyboardist Ester Na, Lari Basilio, bassist Sean Hurley, and United staff engineer Scott Moore. Photo by David Goggin.