Book Store: Docs That Rock, Music That Matters

Docs That Rock, Music That Matters

By Harvey Kubernik

(paperback) $44.95

Featuring original interviews with acclaimed Oscar winners D.A. Pennebaker, Murray Lerner, Albert Maysles, Morgan Neville, John Ridley, and Curtis Hanson, this is the 19th book from the author and popular music historian Harvey Kubernik. It’s a comprehensive compilation of interviews and conversations with rock, blues, folk, soul, reggae musicians, singers, songwriters and recording engineers, photographers, cinematographers, documentary moviemakers and distributors whose creative works matter, and who share their insider stories, techniques, and inspiration with readers and viewers. This is the definitive volume for fans, collectors, music, and film students to cherish and share with anyone who follows rock & roll facts and Stax of wax from the ‘50s into our current century. Kubernik’s book delivers the backstories behind many of the music DVDs and movies you may have on your shelves and in rotation in your home library. This is yet another passionate and uniquely informed treasure chest of rock & soul revelations. Thank you, Harvey Kubernik!

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