Book Review: "Hip-Hop Raised Me"

Hip-hop has been one of the most dominant forces in popular culture over the last 40 years and DJ Semtex shows readers exactly how and why this genre has taken over the world in his new book Hip-Hop Raised Me. Proclaimed as “a hip-hop bible” by Ghostface Killah, this book is a definitive piece of the genre’s long and eventful history. DJ Semtex dives into the genre’s pillars such as MCing, Turntablism, B-boying, and Graffiti art to highlight the cultural impact of hip-hop on modern mainstream culture. From Grandmaster Flash and N.W.A, to Eminem and Kendrick Lamar, this book chronicles the relevance of hip-hop on the history of popular culture.

By DJ Semtex

(paperback) $40.00