BONES UK Returns to LA for Amoeba Performance and Grammy Nomination

Riding the wave of their self-titled Sumerian Records debut album, Los Angeles' BONES UK, comprised of vocalist Rosie Bones and guitarist Carmen Vandenberg, recently graced the stage of Hollywood’s Amoeba Music. Across a 30-minute set, dozens of fans turned out to hear BONES UK perform stripped down selections off the latest album. Bones and Vandenberg expressed their gratitude for a breakthrough 2019 that has catapulted them to international acclaim. Following their memorable performance, Bones and Vandenberg showed their appreciation by signing autographs, taking photos and chatting with fans.

Currently on tour as the opening act for KORN’s U.S. concert tour, BONES UK was in town to attend the 62nd annual Grammy Awards. Nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance for their single “Pretty Waste,” Bones and Vandenberg were honored to be recognized by the music industry.

“We had no idea we were going to be nominated,” says  Bones and Vandenberg. “It was a total surprise, and we think the whole experience for us was not really about us, but more about us representing all the little bands, all the new bands who kinda thought that they would never be nominated for something like a Grammy. So the whole day we just sort of felt like we were representing all the new bands, who just never thought it’d be possible. We were just happy to be let in the building.”

Formed in London in 2014, BONES UK gave birth to their signature sound by merging a unique blend of punk, blues, electro-pop and rock together with thought-provoking lyrics. They now find themselves poised as one of the international indie music scenes hottest new bands. Vandenberg’s edgy raw blues guitar style and Bones unbridled imagery and lyrics have become the recipe for what they define as “Future Rock”.

“There are lots of different kinds of styles in our music,” says Bones. “A lot of the songs are ones we released before, but we reworked them and made them better and then we put some new ones on the album. We wanted to put them in one body of work. We’re really proud of the record.”

“We don’t ever want to sound like something else,” adds Bones. “We always want to be doing something new, and we want it to be a thing. We are hustlers. We’ll get in the room and chat with the right people. Once we get our foot through the door we know we’ve got the music to support it.”

“You just have to have a clear goal,” adds Vandenberg. “We’re not going to sit around and wait for things to happen. We’re just going to make it happen one way or another, that’s how we approach everything, nothing is impossible.”

BONES UK continues to turn heads. A rapidly growing fan base, critical acclaim and respect among their fellow artists had found them sharing the concert stage with an impressive roster of artists that includes Jeff Beck, Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, The Cult, The Struts and Tom Morello, as well as an appearance on The Howard Stern Show.

“We’re exactly where we should be because it’s where we are,” says Bones. “We could be doing better we could be doing worse. We’re focused on what’s next.”

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