Austin-based non-profit Label Spaceflight Records Announces Summer releases

This summer, Austyin, TX-based label Spaceflight Records have announced thay are rolling out a "super sonic season of new music dropping every Friday, with futuristic Latinx group Nemegata dropping their single “Ni Con Palo Ni Con Bala” today. In addition to these single releases, Spaceflight announces the upcoming tour dates for many of its roster including Croy and the Boys, Sara L. Houser, Urban Heat, Garrett T. Capps & NASA Country and more (see below). This year, the label has also received incredible support from the local and national industry. iHeartMedia and Wild Turkey Bourbon recently joined forces to donate $50,000 to the label’s mission and put on an epic show in Nashville featuring The Black Keys and Spaceflight artist Kalu and the Electric Joint this past May 24." For more tour information and other news from Spaceflight Records, please see here.
Spaceflight Records Founder, Brett Orrison(Photo credit: KUT)

Official line up for Spaceflight’s summer release schedule:
06/02/2023 - Otis Wilkins, “Whole Lotta Heart” (single release)06/09/2023 - Fort Never, “Take a Look at us Now” (single release)06/11/2023 - Croy and the Boys, “I’ll Get By” (single release)06/16/2023 - Nemegata, “Ni Con Palo Ni Con Bala” (single release)06/23/2023 - Primo The Alien, “Move” (single release)06/30/2023 - Garrett T. Capps & NASA Country, “Gettin’ Better (JD Twitch Remix)” (single release)07/07/2023 - Ruthie Craft, “Nineteen” (single release)07/21/2023 - Sara L. Houser, “Dotted Line” (single release)
08/04/2023 - Croy and the Boys, “What Good’s The Medicine” (full album release)09/01/2023 - Otis Wilkins, “Emo Bedroom” (single release)

“Summer is always a great time for music,” said Spaceflight Records Founder, Brett Orrison. “Spaceflight is proud to release an amazing run of summer tunes!”