August Burns Red at the Observatory in Orange County, CA - photo by Joshua Weesner

August Burns Red at The Observatory in Orange County, CA

Deep into the North American leg of their popular Messengers 10-Year Anniversary Tour, the revolutionary Christian metalcore band, August Burns Red, hit the road in January 2017 in honor of their decade-old landmark album, Messengers, via Solid State Records. Joined by special guests, Protest the Hero, In Hearts Wake and 68’, August Burns Red continues to sell out venues during the two-month long nationwide tour, including The Observatory Orange County.

Hailing from Lancaster, PA, August Burns Red are powerhouse musicians. The quintet, consisting of Jake Luhrs (vocals), Matt Greiner (drums), JB Brubaker (lead guitar), Brent Rambler (rhythm guitar), Dustin Davidson (bass), took the stage and within seconds began feeding off of each other’s energy, rocking every song hard with melodic vocals cradled by an onslaught of bass lines, pounding drum beats and tight magnetic guitar riffs.

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Songs charged with a spiritual candor that emotionally pump and empower their dedicated fans, the lyrics personally reflect the group’s own journeys through life and how their faith has directly impacted them. These themes resonate in the hearts of not only Christian believers, but nonbelievers as well, making it possible for August Burns Red to cross the lines between Christian and secular audiences.

Signed to Fearless Records, August Burns Red released their sixth studio album, Found In Far Away Places in April 2015. Produced by Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland, this 11-track album debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard Top Albums Chart, and garnered a nomination for Best Metal Performance at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards in 2016 for the track, “Identity.”

Attending hundreds of live shows, one begins to realize rock 'n' roll is an integral part of our creative process—one could even say the last remaining bastion of freedom. We decide who to embrace, and what to do while we’re there—it’s our life to live. August Burns Red understands and appreciates this notion, never forgetting why they are there and thanking the fans for giving them a reason to continue making great music.

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August Burns Red have announced plans to take their popular Messengers 10-Year Anniversary Tour to Europe, kicking off on July 28 in London, concluding in the Netherlands on Aug. 24.

For more information and tour dates, visit August Burns Red.

Text and photos by Joshua Weesner of Stand Up Alone Productions

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