Audiomovers LISTENTO Adds MIDI Streaming

Audiomovers has added live MIDI streaming to the capabilities of the renowned Audiomovers LISTENTO software suite, opening a new phase of remote collaboration. LISTENTO already allows users to stream, listen to and record uncompressed multichannel audio remotely and in real time from anywhere in the world. The addition of comprehensive MIDI transmission functionality now allows LISTENTO Pro subscribers to simply and elegantly transmit real-time MIDI data directly from any DAW over the internet.

The transmission of MIDI data introduces new modes of interaction for remote collaborators: musicians can now work remotely with MIDI synthesizers, sound modules, or manage remote MIDI control surfaces while listening back to the results using LISTENTO with low latency. Using the LISTENTO application, engineers can synchronize remote DAWs with transmitted MTC timecodes generated by LISTENTO streams – where the current playback position is conveyed as part of the stream. Musicians can also stream audio and MIDI simultaneously for real-time remote creative collaboration – by working on tracks together, streaming beats and keyboard lines to each other. The functionality of LISTENTO MIDI is demonstrated in the video Introducing: LISTENTO with full MIDI streaming, available for viewing on the Audiomovers YouTube channel.

With Abbey Roads Studios as Audiomovers’ parent company, it was natural for an early adopter of the technology to be Andrew Dudman, Senior Engineer at the studios. “With the evolution of software, it’s great to see how far you can push it, and the remote collaboration made possible by using MIDI over LISTENTO is really exciting,” said Dudman, a renowned film scoring engineer whose credits include the Star Wars prequels, BraveThe Fellowship of the Ring and Mary Poppins Returns, along with a wide range of video game scores and television projects. “If you’ve got a remote performer that you really want to work with, you’ll be able to simply record their performances live as they happen and then be able to utilize any sound design elements you like at your end, such as instruments the performer might not have at their disposal. I think this will increase the use and benefit of remote collaboration tenfold.”

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Take the video tour: Introducing: LISTENTO with full MIDI streaming