Attorney Chooses Music Over Law & Invests In Audient ASP4816-SE

Music producer, Thomas Shea favours a ‘scattered workstation approach’ to his home studio. “I like to work in different places. I just like the variety,” he says. With the ASP4816-SE a significant part of his music production arsenal, he acknowledges that his way of doing things “is unusual.”

Not as unusual as his back story, however. Tom originally trained as an attorney and practised law, until one day 16 years ago he had an epiphany! He decided he was going to become a music producer. “Lightning struck me. I closed down my law practice,” he says. He went about finding local musicians, taught himself songwriting, made connections and bought himself some recording gear - he was well and truly hooked!

The Audient brand first came to his attention when looking for a replacement audio interface. His first purchase was the latest iD44. “I liked the quality, the test measurements, the form factor and the metal construction.”  Now he uses that as a headphones amplifier with his ASP4816-SE, and has since picked up an iD4 as well.

Shea shares what he particularly likes about the console. “First, the sound.  I am one of those producers who likes a very clean sound and the ASP4816-SE really delivers on this.  Second, the build and finish quality is excellent.  I am very fussy about things like that.  The quality of the faders and knobs, the beautiful aesthetic redesign and the flawless finish are very satisfying to me.  It is a pleasure each time I see it.“

He continues, “Third is the functionality.  I am constantly pleased with the way the console functions are designed.  The layout and functions make sense and are easy, relative to its many capabilities.  It seems to me other consoles are overly complex and confusing to use.  Not the ASP4816-SE!”

Tom Shea can be found on many global music services. He’s currently working on a new album, with a few songs already in final production stages.