ArtistMax Artist Development Weekend


ArtistMax has announced a special three-day weekend artist development session, to take place June 12-14 at Village Studios in West Los Angeles. Presented by GRAMMY®--winning engineer, producer and author Ken Caillat, (Fleetwood Mac), Sleeping Giant Entertainment and ArtistMax, this intensive development session will provide talented, aspiring artists with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals necessary from the pros for a successful career as recording artist, performer and entertainer in today’s music industry.

Intended as a next step from songwriting and performance schools, ArtistMax offers a chance to train with the top music professionals behind GRAMMY-winning artists--engineers, producers, vocal coaches, image consultants, makeup artists and managers to the stars—at a studio where hundreds of Multiplatinum albums were created.

“Many new and up-and-coming artists, songwriters and entertainers don’t know where to go to get professional training and advice to prepare them for today’s competitive entertainment industry,” said Ken Caillat. “ArtistMax was created to give these future stars the insight and tools necessary to lead them on the path to success and help them to avoid the proverbial school of hard knocks.”

Colbie Caillat added, “If ArtistMax was available when I started performing, it would have made things so much easier for me and the growth of my career. Things like finding the right manager, researching producers and mixers, working with a stage coach, figuring out how to dress and present myself in a way I felt comfortable while standing out and looking like an artist, knowing the equipment I like to use on stage and using in-ear molds and learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle with an insanely busy schedule. All the information I needed to learn back then is now all in one place—ArtistMax. From the creative side, to the business side and everything in-between.”

The ArtistMax weekend session will explore the keys to becoming a successful artist, including tips from behind-the-scenes expert coaches to stars like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Katharine McPhee, John Legend and many others. Sessions will explore topics including vocals, songwriting, publishing, production and tools and arrangement. Individual breakout sessions will offer a more in-depth approach with each instructor, which focus on the attendee’s needs. One-on-one programs will also offer vocal lessons, personalized image consulting, songwriting assistance, publishing essentials and arrangement assistance.

Registration and auditions are open for the ArtistMax Development Sessions at Village Studios for June 12-13 as well as other dates during the summer. Space is extremely limited. Register online at artistmax.org/registration.