2018 Art Laboe Live Show

2018 Art Laboe Live Show at the Glen Helen Amphitheater in San Bernardino, CA

The 2018 Art Laboe Live Show at the Glen Helen Amphitheater was truly one for the books.  People from every walk of life packed the Amphitheater in San Bernardino, CA to hear their favorite old school artist perform their greatest hits.
As the sun went down, the evening's host, Art Laboe walked on stage. Known as the "Godfather of DJs", he received a standing ovation from the crowd. Laboe introduced the evening's first act-- The Fuzz-- an American female vocal trio from the 1970s.
Next up, Chicago Motown group The Notations took the stage. Despite being formed in the 1960’s, the group still has their same moves. They performed hits like “Super People” and “Make Me Twice the Man”. However, a special feeling rang through the amphitheater when the group performed emotional hit, “I’m Still Here.”
The Lovelites, another Chicago Motown group from the 60s, thrilled the audience with their soulful sound. They sang a couple of hits, but the 1977 hit song “This Love is Real” had the crowd reminiscing on memories of cruising in a Cadillac with a significant other.
After The Lovelites' outstanding performance,  Art Laboe retook the stage. He spoke to the crowd about his upcoming December concert at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. Laboe then introduced a special guest to the stage, actor Danny Trejo aka "Machete". Trejo then gave the stage to a talented singer, signed to his new record label.
Motown legends, the Chi-Lites, then brought their act to the stage. The group's number one hits, “Oh Girl” and “Have You Seen Her,” had everyone standing up and waving cell phone lights side-to-side.
The final Motown group of the night was The Intruders. Their bright red suits and synchronization electrified the night. Emotional song, “I’ll Always Love my Momma” had the audience yearing to hug their mothers. The group's emotional set concluded with “Together,” which they dedicated to every couple in love.
Next, soulful singer Amanda Perez graced the stage. Her energetic vibes rubbed off on the crowd as she performed hit songs such as “Angel,” “Candy Kisses” and “I Pray.”
Baby Bash, a hip-hop artist from the city of Vallejo, CA gave the crowd --especially women-- what they wanted. Women rushed to the stage when he performed, some steel frame barriers were even moved in the process.  Baby Bash is definitely still a crowd pleaser with hits songs like “Suga Suga,” “Baby I’m Back” and “Cyclone.”
Singer Trisha Toledo also known on Instagram as @trishkilla proved she can hold her own in the music industry with an impressive performance.
Rapper, singer and songwriter MC Magic made a memorable entrance to the stage. He sat on his security's shoulders and started waving both the Mexican and American flags side to side with Vicente Fernandez song “Volver” playing in the background. He definitely gave the ladies a good performance and was actually throwing single roses into the crowd! With songs like “Girl I Love You,” “All My Life” and “Sexy Lady,” MC Magic will forever prove to be a hit artist.
Next 70's and 80’s singer, Evelyn Champagne, took the stage with an energetic performance. With her crazy dance moves and songs like “Love Come Down” and “Shame,” Evelyn proves she’s still the queen of 80’s dance music and will be for many years to come.
In the final performance of the night, Zapp came out dancing and stomping their feet while playing both the violin and piano. The group performed hit songs like “More Bounce to the Ounce” and “Computer Love,” which topped Billboard charts in 1985.
The show was definitely a night to remember! Every year, Laboe does an excellent job with the show's soulful Motown music and brilliant new talent. It's very exciting to see which new artists will carry the torch.