Arcade Fire at the Forum in Los Angeles, CA

On Oct. 20, Arcade Fire reminded me of what it was like to be a teenager growing up in the suburbs again: full of warmth and love because I got to listen and see my favorite band as if I were in high school.

The night was full of sincerity and honesty, as thousands of concert-goers came together for a magical and sold-out evening with Arcade Fire. I was brought back to a place of innocence and a time of growth, two characteristics I feel Arcade Fire successfully embody in their music. For many people, I think Arcade Fire has an effect to them that brings on an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and positivity.

The night began with hit single "Everything Now' from their newest studio album, Everything Now, and ended with "Wake Up" off of their debut album, Funeral.

It was a special night with a lot of surprise moments. Arcade Fire's stage set up, like a boxing arena, gave a new dynamic and versatility to stage performing. Along with this, choreographed dancers began to dance in what appeared to be an interpretive manner in the general admission pit. The creative energy was immensely inspiring and very interactive amongst the audience.

The band played a number of songs off a span of their five albums, with highlights including  "Rebellion (Lies)," "No Cars Go," "Reflektor" and "Neon Bible." Of the vast 23 song setlist, I was particularly keen to "The Suburbs."

"Compassion has no borders" Win Butler explained. The social commentary gave important light to current events happening in the world. The scary environment "The Suburbs" painted is not too far off from how the direction our current government is going in. Butler made it clear to mention that the song from nearly seven years ago has a close parallel to now. Arcade Fire's performance featured clips projected from their short film, "Scenes from the Suburbs."

From there, a solid transition when into "The Suburbs (Continued)" and "Ready To Start," nearly exactly the way The Suburbs album is set up. Also included was cult favorite "Sprawl II," a song that can truly take you back to a particular moment and setting instantaneously from hearing those first few kick drums.

Arcade Fire delivered a thought-provoking experience, one that made me recollect old memories, pastimes and purposes. Those wasted hours I spent in the suburbs might have meant something after all.

Text by Whitney Levine | Photos by Marly Ludwig

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