Amigo The Devil at The Regent Theater

Amigo The Devil aka Danny Kiranos has been on tour promoting his latest release “Everything is Fine”. He played a sold out show at The Regent Theater in Los Angeles, Ca. on November 1st. 2019. Photography and review by Cindy Miley

Amigo The Devil is a one-man show with Danny Kiranos front and center. He uses an acoustic guitar and a banjo to lull you into his world of love, regret, revenge, self-reflection, loss and serial killers. Danny seems fearless with his lyrics and certainly has a knack for digging deep exposing the bones of human behavior. Amigo The Devil’s music reminds us that we all share similar stores of love, heartbreak, depression and hope.

In American folk style, Danny opened his set with a beautiful yet tragic song about suicide. “First Day of the End of My Life” is a story of how someone might imagine the way things would end. Followed up by love songs about spousal abuse like “You’re Perfect too” and “If I’m Crazy”. The phrases “misery loves company” and “death do us part” come to mind when I listen to some of these songs. “The Weight” seems like a sweet love song but don’t be a fool. It is a song about love and serial killer Ed Gain. As the night went on there were songs about regret and self-reflection in “Cocaine and Able” and “I Hope Your Husband Dies”.

Danny ended the night on a high note with “Hell and You” which is a crowd favorite and an actual love song. By the end of “Hell and You” the collective voices seem to overwhelm the room and Danny. There was a bit of tongue-in-cheek moments and a cover song or two to lighten things up. Don’t be surprised if you hear a Weezer or Slayer cover played on acoustic guitar or the banjo. Amigo the Devil has moved on to the next city and will be on tour through March 2020.