Matty Amendola launches producer video tutorial

Matty Amendola Launches Free "Making the Mix" Video Tutorial Series

Following producer Matty Amendola's presentation at SonicScoop's MIXCON and the first "Making the Mix" producer video tutorial, comes an all-new, free, five-part video series with over two hours of in-depth production practices. From breaking down the demo to producing Juliana Wilson's hit song, the videos exude the feeling of being in the room while Amendola glues it together through the entire mix process.

"Producer/engineer Matty Amendola converges elements from classic to modern, revealing the mics and techniques of re-amping synth bass, sidechaining and EQ…and that’s just the start," posts David Weiss of SonicScoop. "Everything Amendola instructs is all to support the most important thing ever in any mix." In this case, it's not just the vocal, but conceptually helping convey the story in the song as Amendola explains throughout his producer minded mix approach.

Additionally, the track from 825's prodigious Juliana Wilson, recently premiered by BandCamp and has also docked into radio rotations nationwide as well as broadcast TV, which is striking industry-wide welcome for the 13-year-old artist.

"Making the Mix"'s producer video tutorial 5 of 5 to posted Sept. 10, and Amendola provided the opportunity to tune into a live Facebook Q&A on Sept. 11.

Matty Amendola Free Making the Mix tutorial series

With the original "Making the Mix" series exhibited in audio schools around the world, accolades for the brand new series are already striking positive remarks with words such as "prolific," "mad-scientist," "great style" and "genius."

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