Album Review: Without Susie by James Lee Stanley (8/10)

"An artful blend of clever lyricism and wry humor."

Stanley is a seasoned singer-songwriter, with a career that goes back to the early '70s. One of the progenitors of independent recording, this veteran tunesmith has partnered with musical heavyweights like Peter Tork and John Batsdorf.

His latest release is a versatile and refreshing mix of acoustic guitar-fueled socio-political commentary and love songs. Stanley has a rich and soothing voice that hypnotically draws you in, not unlike James Taylor or Bill Withers. And you can't go wrong with little gems like an ode to one's best self in "Live it Up Now" or the modern age blues of "Hang Up and Drive." It's an artful blend of clever lyricism and wry humor.

Listen to Without Susie here:

Rating: 8/10

Beachwood Recordings

Producers: James Lee Stanley.