Album Review: "Riders in the Stardust Gold" by The Cush (8/10)

Mad Bunny Records

Producers: The Cush, Ben Harper co-produced single “Haters"

The husband and wife team of Burette and Gabrielle Douglas lead this Texas quartet through their sixth album release. But it’s the first for Ben Harper’s new label. Their music borrows liberally from Krautrock-type spacey explorations, tribal rhythms and angelic melodies. Ben Hance’s eerie and atmospheric guitar and keyboard flourishes enhance tracks like “Beneath the Lines” and “Chariots of Smog,” with huge blankets of cavernous sound. “Haters” has a hopeful message that seems apropos for America’s current socio-political climate. And “Fly” recalls the ethereal vision of The Velvet Underground blended with the soul of Wilco.