Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Album Review: Hope Downs by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (7/10)

Melbourne, Australia-based indie rock band, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, released their album Hope Downs on June 15. "Bellarine" and "Time in Common" have a comfortable and warm beach rock feel, which really encapsulates the band's sound and energy. It's the successful brainchild of all of the millennial-hipster-alt scenes, without being annoyingly cliché (despite the song title "Cappuccino City," which I pray is ironic). Songs like "The Hammer" and "Talking Straight" feel like less obscure songs by The Shins, with the simple yet satisfying guitar riffs and ultra-specific lyrics. "An Air Conditioned Man" and "How Long?" belong in an especially angsty Molly Ringwald-starring, John Hughes-directed film. That being said, it has charming nostalgia, but little new revelations in the music world. Hidden gem Hope Downs is certainly an album for windows-down beach drives, but probably won't be included as a top radio hit (which might just be the way fans like it).