Album Review: "Electric Ghost Parade" by Grex (8/10)

Distributed by: Geomancy Records

Producer: Karl A.D. Evangelista

The brainchild of guitarist-vocalist Karl Evangelista and keyboardist Rei Scampavia, Grex crafts a sound that defies description. With musical influences ranging from Hendrix and Pixies to Sonny Sharrock and The Beatles, they offer a lot of wiggle room for exploration. Previous releases utilized hip-hop and stark abrasive imagery. Here they paint with a multi-colored palette and put an emphasis on shape shifting various textures and moods. Tracks like “Feelin’ Squiddy” mine a Grateful Dead-meets-space-rock vibe. “Transpiration” pairs free jazz with prog. “Martha” features beautiful vocalizing by Scampavia and an early King Crimson sense of style.