Album Review: Can’t Find My Way Home by Ed Roth (8/10)

Imagine Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” or Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side” interpreted by Ahmad Jamal or Bill Evans. Virtuoso keyboardist Ed Roth puts a reimagined and re-harmonized spin on these and other tracks from Blind Faith, Stevie Ray Vaughn and The Allman Brothers. The solo pianist is joined by frequent collaborative guitarist Robby Kreiger of the Doors on the title track and Floyd’s “Us and Them.” It’s no surprise that Roth takes such an approach to these classics. He’s supported many of the greats, from Peter Frampton, Ronnie Montrose and Annie Lennox, to Keith Emerson, Paul Rodgers and Rob Halford.

Distributed by: Funzalo Records

Produced by: Ed Roth