Album Review: "Calm Down Cologne" by Garage A Trois (10/10)

Garage A Trois

Calm Down Cologne

Royal Potato Family

Producers: Skerik, Charlie Hunter and Stanton Moore

Fans of underground super-group Garage A Trois had to wait a decade for this release, but what a return they received. By way of reintroduction, Calm Down Cologne presents the act’s original trio in impeccable form. Drummer Stanton Moore, guitarist Charlie Hunter and saxophonist-keyboard  ist Skerik even revert back to their improvisational roots, laying down on-the-fly studio tracks so creative and delicious you’d imagine they took months to craft. Think of their sound as electric-era Miles Davis with an emphasis on funk. If that description intrigues you, try this soul-shaking voyage of interdimensional artistry.