Album Review: Band of Skulls - Himalayan



Band of Skulls • Himalayan • Electric Blues Recordings via Kobalt Label Services • Producer: Nick Launay • Score: 10 out of 10


If you’re following the current blues rock resurgence, you’re aware of this trio. To the rest of you living under the anti-Black Keys rock, listen up. Himalayan marks Band of Skulls’ third full-length release and, like the glory days of rock & roll, these English imports are evolving to find their place atop their respected genre. This record continues the band’s notorious bluesy licks, breakdown-like choruses and duality of female/male vocals. This time around, however, these Skulls expand musically with the open-aired “I Guess I Know You Fairly Well” and the rockabilly influenced “Ten Men...”  – Andy Mesecher