A&E Networks Taps Man Made Music For Sonic Rebrand

523With a total network rebrand inspired by its new "Be Original" platform to accompany its slew of hit shows (ranging from the off-beat Duck Dynasty to the creepy Bates Motel), A&E Networks is poised for a new age in television programming. To help usher in the new era and ensure that the sonic identity of A&E matched the originality of its content, the network brought in Joel Beckerman and his team of top Creatives and Strategists at Man Made Music.

Man Made Music captured the magnetism and unexpectedness of A&E programming across the entirety of its network sonic deliverables. A full-length rock anthem with surprising elements - a mixture of roadhouse blues and groovy vibes - is an uplifting sonic rally to "Be Original." The modern anthem has an arresting quality and was designed to not only compliment the network's innovation in the television space but to change the mood in any room with the click of a remote.

From the anthem, a Sonic Logo was also created, the shortest form expression of the sonic brand identity. This Sonic Logo will show up in promotion, web and programming breaks to help make viewers remember who is bringing them this breakthrough programming.

Man Made Music applied the sonic to promo IDs for five major A&E shows (Bad Ink, Bates Motel, Duck Dynasty, Longmire and Storage Wars) to create identities that encapsulate the personalities of each show without losing the overarching connection to the network umbrella. From infusing humor and personality into the Duck Dynasty ID to incorporating a hair-raising and eerie variation for Bates Motel, Man Made Music achieved the feat of orchestrating cohesiveness amongst the programs while keeping the integrity of the network, thus preserving the "Be Original" platform.

"In a sea of copycat shows and same old same old, A&E is always doing something amazing and fresh. It was a fun challenge to capture that promise in a single musical statement in a way that enables viewers to hear the brand wherever they show up," noted Founder of Man Made Music Joel Beckerman.

A&E is making bold moves in the television realm, and its new sonic, as envisioned by Man Made Music, is just as original. With a new anthem and sonic logo that pull viewers in and new show IDs, A&E has set the stage for great things in 2014.