The Academic

The Academic at Resident DTLA in Los Angeles, CA

The Academic’s debut album Tales from the Backseat debuted No. 1 in Ireland and they’re now ready to take their music across the world. The Irish act returned to Los Angeles for their first headlining performance in support of the album. The small intimate venue Resident DTLA was the perfect spot for this rising band to perform in.

The band formed in 2005 and are definitely a promising group to see live. Lead vocalist and guitarist Craig Fitzgerald has a hypnotic and youthful voice--perfect for the contagiously fun indie rock music they create. The only downside from the night was that Fitzgerald was suffering from vocal issues and kept touching his throat. At one point he even ordered Irish Whiskey to help. Luckily that didn't affect his brilliant performance, he's definitely a natural on stage. Same can be said about his bandmates. Although they seemed very shy to interact with the crowd, they are wonderful musicians who know how to keep the crowd entertained.

The band played a total of 13 songs. Throughout the songs the band, specifically Fitzgerald, would tell stories. Before "Fake ID," he told a story about how he looks like a 12-year-old instead of his actual age 24 and on a trip to Chicago got carded in a jacuzzi for not looking his age. The heartfelt song "Northern Boy" was written for Fitzgerald's sister, who at a point in her life, was going through some problems and wished she could escape somewhere else. The song also mentions California which Fitzgerald told the crowd was a surreal and weird experience to sing.

The Academic's charismatic energy and vibrant ultra-catchy music made the tiny venue dance along. With a few more years under their belt, the band is destined to be one of the best acts around.

Set List
1. Permanent Vacation
2. Bite My Tongue
3. Television
4. Mixtape 20003
5. Chasers
6. Thought I Told You
7. Fake ID
8. Linger
9. Why Can't We Be Friends?
10. Feel It Too
11. Different
12. Northern Boy
13. Bear Claws

Photos by Jacqueline Naranjo